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We are a service organization specializing in Fire Alarm Systems.



  • Fire Alarm Design Layout Drawings
  • Fire Alarm Submittal Drawings for Permits
  • Fire Alarm "As-Built"Drawings


  • Your drawings are important to you and to us. Proper information, coordination planning and preparation are vital to every successful project. A trained and experienced team will design all the drawings, with the skills and knowledge developed over many years in the business.

  • Our turn-around time when information arrives at our business, is typically 5 to 10 workdays. Our drawing & design services are designed to help, and assist you in obtaining a permit for your installation. We'll work with you to get what you need to assure you meet the current code requirements, and then give you drawings to that. 



  • General Questions

    • What do I need to provide to obtain a set of fire alarm submittal drawing?   
    •        Contact us or download forms from our Form's page
    • How soon can we get a set of submittal drawing return?  
    •        At the present time we are turning around submittal in 5 TO 10 days
    • What is DTS cost for a submittal drawing package?  
    •         The cost is very competitive, which has been in most cases has been more economical than doing in them in most customer offices, please feel free to contact us for pricing.
    • If we are out of local area, how do you ship out drawings?  
    •         We try to use your own shipping arrangement, thus holding down our handling cost.